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Plush toy - Cloud Bread (Character)

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Plush toy - Cloud Bread



  • Hongbi :

    This 7 year old little girl of keen observation and fertile imagination loves to learn. Smart and adaptable, she always tries to follow the guidance of her wise mother. Still, she’s enough of a child to allow herself to be led into adventure by her mischievous little brother, Hongshi.

  • Hongshi :

    This child is a highly energetic 5 year old boy. Courageous, impulsive and endowed with a strong sense of competition, he’s a force of nature. Among his Kindergarten class, he’s the “go-to guy” when his friends are looking for something interesting to do.


Plush toy/Rag Doll

*Company Introduction

"Asia's largest creative animation-industrial complex holding company"

  • Asia's largest creative Industrial Complex
  • One-stop industrial system
    - Animation Development
    - Animation Media Distribution
    - Animation Commercialization
    (Licensing & Merchandising Business)
  • Creative animation developed more than four contents every year
  • 2015, 60% of the domestic creative animation accommodate
  • Korean Creative Animation's largest industrial base.

"Commercialization capabilities ensure of the field of animation process"

  • Ideas excavation
    - Asia Animation Round (International creative proposals Competition)

  • Creative contents development
    - Development team operating

  • Co-production system
    - Korea-China co-production line up

  • Attract investment
    - SBS fund
    - Carloon fund and co-produce

  • Media distribution & marketing
    - Overseas network(China, US, Japan)
    - Specialized master licensees

  • PR & Marketing
    - Operating Animation Museum
    - establishment and operation of AAR
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